First appointment


First appointment is usually one hour long and will consist of an assessment of your condition and treatment.

If there is any one clue more important than others it is the value of taking time to listen to what the patient has to say. To spend an hour in doing this will save many hours of fruitless frustration. Not only will this give the clinician the satisfaction of feeling that he or she has made a full and accurate diagnosis, but it will also produce a satisfied, grateful and smiling patient.” – W.H. Kirkaldi-Willis 1999

You will be requested to fill in a registration form with your personal data (name, personal identification code, address, phone number, e-mail). If you need a report for your doctor or insurance outlining my findings, please tell me at the time of booking. I will do my best to run on time; if you arrive late, your time with me will be shortened to avoid delays with the people scheduled after you. If you have a prescription from your doctor, bring it with you at the first visit. It’s important you bring with you every relevant medical report related with your condition, included exams, imaging, surgical notes, reports from previous visits with doctors or physiotherapists, etc.. Please wear suitable cloths for the visit and treatment.